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about C2C

Clothing is a basic necessity in our society. Unfortunately, many people in South Asian countries are deprived of this essential item due to their socioeconomic standing, making daily life difficult and strenuous. Coaching to Contribute hopes to aid in solving this problem by shipping lightly used traditional Indian clothing to impoverished communities in India. By partnering with various nonprofits throughout India, C2C has been able to ship over 20,000 pounds of clothing since 2017 and plans to continue shipping even more.

In order to pay for international shipping, C2C conducts weekly tutoring sessions, contributing to local communities through education. With diligent teacher volunteers, motivated students, and enthusiastic parents, C2C has been able to create a comfortable learning atmosphere where students can improve upon the skills they have been taught in school and learn new topics that they have not been previously introduced to. Tutors teach students anywhere between grades 4-10, focusing on advanced mathematics, reading comprehension, and grammar/vocabulary skills. If you would like to join as a student or a tutor, please let us know; we are always looking to grow our team!

For more information about donations, clothing drives, coaching classes, or any questions, please reach out to us by visiting our Contact page.

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